Talk Hair
6th August 17
1:00 - 3:00pm 
Real People...
Real Problems...
Real Solutions!

What determines whether or not hair is full and lustrous or thin and dull? How can hair loss be prevented? Why is my scalp so oily? Why am I losing my hair? Why does my scalp itch? What are the latest options for restoring hair without surgery?  These are just some of the questions that we hear every day.


The "Let's Talk Hair" event is your opportunity to have those and other hair and scalp health questions answered. This exclusive event is for men and women to come in and not only discover what we're all about and what we have to offer, but also talk to actual guests who have successfully undergone hair and scalp transformations.


We know there are a lot of people out there with questions about hair loss and scalp health. This exciting event will provide you with an unprecedented opportunity to get the answers you need in a no-pressure environment.

Hair Loss Specialist
Jeffrey Paul
Second Scalp Specialist
Flora Fuentes
Certified Trichologist
Emmanuel Paul 
If you suffer from dandruff, excessive scalp itch, hair loss or thinning and oily hair, you're not alone. The exclusive ScalpCheck® is a four step Trichological analysis designed to help discover not only what each guest's hair issues are, but also which treatments are best to put those issues behind them.
Second Scalp
Discover the latest hair restoration method. Second Scalp is our 3-D printed hair solution by Cesare Ragazzi. It's an exciting technological breakthrough for restoring lost hair without surgery or wigs - and we're the only place that offers this solution in Northeast Ohio. If you have hair loss, Second Scalp is a game changer.
Guest Talk
Meet them. Hear their stories. Ask them your questions. We will have actual guests who have successfully undergone hair and scalp transformations and they are eager to talk with you about how these solutions have changed their lives.
No Cost & Free Gift
There is no cost to attend this event. Just bring yourself and the questions you may have. Enjoy some light appetizers and refreshments. Plus, we will have a free gift for each person who attends!
Event Location
21080 Lorain Road
Fairview Park, Ohio 44126
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