About Our Center


The name Jeffrey Paul has been synonymous with superior hair care for over 40 years. Women and men have come to Jeffrey Paul’s Hair Restoration Center in search of expert care for hair thinning and hair loss needs, since we opened in 1976. To better serve our guests, we expanded moving from our original location in Rocky River to our current home in Fairview Park, Ohio.

At Jeffrey Paul’s, our Mission has always been to help our guests look themselves and live their lives with wholeness and beauty both inside and out. Our passion and specialty is providing solutions for restoring the beauty that feels diminished when hair loss and thinning occurs. Today we are bringing the most cutting-edge technologies into how we educate, diagnose, and treat hair and scalp issues.

The Evolution Of Our Center

2018 marked an exciting year for our center, as we introduced our new name, Jeffrey Paul’s Hair & Scalp Specialists. This new name complements our refreshed, refocused mission and new specialized approach to the assessment and treatment of hair and scalp issues: C.P.R. for Hair & Scalp. C.P.R. stands for Correct, Prevent, and Restore, and defines our individualized process for the advanced diagnosis procedures and therapies available at our Center.

It is through our sincerest individual and team efforts, as well as with God’s help, that we continually aim to perfect our specialty and accomplish our mission and goals.