What is Trichology

Trichology is the study of scalp and hair and has been practiced in the United Kingdom and Europe since the early 19th century. Trichology was first recognized as a para-medical or non-physician discipline in Britain in 1902.

Now nearly a century later, trichology and its many benefits are recognized in the United States. Through it, we better determine the causes of hair fallout, hair breakage, and hair thinning, as well as scalp conditions such as oily hair, scalp itch, and dandruff.

What Is a Trichologist and What Do They Do?

A trichologist studies the science of scalp and hair. You might consider one a hair and scalp doctor. Unfortunately, not all doctors and medical professionals specialize in hair and scalp; or they may view hair problems as low priority. The trichologist helps patients and medical professionals like general physicians and dermatologists better understand hair and scalp problems. Many individuals may feel more comfortable discussing hair and scalp problems with a trichologist instead of their general physician.

How Can Trichology Help You?

If you are like most individuals, you look for a solution at the hair level when you recognize a problem with your hair. Your scalp is the missing link; it is of equal, if not of greater importance, to take care of your scalp.

Trichology makes a difference in helping CORRECT scalp problems, oily hair treatment, and hair loss. By getting to the root of the issue at the scalp level, you are able to make a bigger impact on the health of your hair. Ultimately, a healthy scalp equals healthier hair.

Along with correcting hair and scalp problems, trichology can PREVENT hair loss and scalp problems. By discovering the health of your hair and scalp now, a trichologist can create a protocol designed to greatly reduce scalp problems related to aging before they start, helping you maintain a beautiful, healthy scalp and hair.

Start benefiting from the science of hair and scalp. Take your next step by Discovering the Health of Your Hair and Scalp.