Innovative Hair Prosthetic from Cesare Ragazzi

What do having beautiful hair and 3D printing have in common? Innovative Hair Prosthetic from Cesare Ragazzi. Exclusively through Jeffrey Paul’s Hair & Scalp Specialists, you can experience Cesare Ragazzi’s CNC Systems—a combination of the two that has resulted in one of the most advanced, cutting-edge hair loss RESTORE solutions available today.

The CNC Systems combine digital 3D scalp mapping, dermatologically tested and hypoallergenic materials, incredible virgin hair, and the most advanced 3D printers to RESTORE your hair loss and get you back to living a life filled with confidence.

What is a CNC System?

Cesare Ragazzi has created a unique system to RESTORE hair that has been partially or fully diminished, regardless of your hair loss cause. The CNC system is an FDA-cleared medical-grade hair prosthesis that uses 3D printing technology to create a micro-thin, breathable replica of your scalp.

This revolutionary system is handmade in Italy, where only the highest quality of unprocessed European hair is stitched by hand into the ultra-thin base to create a hair prosthetic customized so precisely and non-invasively that you could call it a second scalp.

The Process of CNC RESTORE

Restoring hair loss and scalp health with Cesare Ragazzi’s CNC System starts with a confidential evaluation of your hair and scalp. Our Hair Solution Specialist considers factors like your age, the cause and degree of your hair loss, and your current lifestyle. We also study the quality, texture, and coloring of your hair as we design a custom CNC solution for you.

Next, we complete a sophisticated digital mapping of your head and scalp in the affected area; the prosthesis is totally customized to you and your needs. We send your mold to Cesare Ragazzi’s headquarters in Italy to begin the 39-stage production process to create your CNC system.

Once at Cesare Ragazzi’s production facility, the base of your CNC system is made using 3D printing so it matches the precise shape, contour, and color of your scalp. Strands of the highest quality and most beautiful virgin hair are embedded by hand into the base, extending from the micro-thin CNC system to replicate your hair perfectly.

Once your CNC System is made, our team of Hair & Scalp Specialists will seamlessly attach the system using a medical-grade FDA-cleared adhesive. We then cut and style your hair and the CNC System resulting in a completely custom, non-invasive hair RESTORE solution that gives you comfort and confidence.

The Results Are In. Are You?

Are you ready to put hair loss behind you and feel good about your hair again? Cesare Ragazzi’s CNC Systems are dermatologically tested and designed to maintain normal scalp and skin breathability while letting you live your life—whether you’re enjoying high-impact sports such as swimming or aerobics, or having your hair professionally styled once again.

Let our Hair Solution Specialists show you how to RESTORE your hair and confidence with 24-hour-a-day hair that looks, feels, moves, and styles just like your natural hair. Schedule your Hair Solution Discovery today.