Medical Hair Loss

While genetics or hormones are considered internal causes of hair loss, external causes include severe scalp injury from trauma, burns, surgery or as a side effect of a medical treatment.

These cases of medical hair loss may be temporary or permanent, depending on what caused the hair loss and the severity of loss. Some of the more common causes of medical hair loss include chemotherapy, burns, severe scalp injury, and surgeries. Learn more about the causes and solutions to RESTORE medical hair loss.

Chemotherapy or Cancer Hair Loss

Being diagnosed with cancer can be terrifying. The focus of what is most important, you and your health, can cause a patient to lose sight of how treatment can affect their hair. There are solutions to help you stay focused on what is most important.

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Scalp Avulsion: Severe Scalp Injury or Trauma

A trauma such as a scalp avulsion can be life altering. This form of trauma not only affects the scalp but can permanently affect the growth of hair. Technological advancements have allowed for specific hair solutions designed for those experiencing hair loss caused by scalp avulsion.

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Burn-Related Hair Loss

A first or second-degree burn can really hurt, but when experiencing a third or fourth degree burn the scarring can destroy hair follicles leaving permanent hair loss. There are solutions to help restore the hair that has been lost.

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Surgery-Related Hair Loss

Surgery related hair loss is usually not seen immediately after surgery. Instead, hairs can begin to shed 3 to 4 months after the surgery. Find the solution to help prevent this type of hair loss from becoming permanent.

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