Burn-Related Hair Loss

First-degree burns, like burning your finger on a stove or forgetting to wear sunblock, only affect the outer layer of skin, which means our skin is usually able to heal the burnt area. Burns are classified by as first, second, third or fourth degree, depending on how deeply and severely the damage the layers of skin. Severe burns that go beyond the superficial layer of skin can not only be excruciating but also damage or disfigure the affected area, even causing hair loss.

Third and fourth degree burns cause damage to the lower layers of skin that contain hair follicles, in turn destroying the hair follicle and causing scarring. This scarring unfortunately means hair loss is permanent. Second degree burns can also sometimes cause hair loss, though it may not be treatable because second degree burns do not usually destroy the hair follicle.

Our team of Hair and Scalp Specialists can help you RESTORE hair loss caused by burns with a custom hair RESTORE solution just for you and your specific needs to give you back the beautiful hair, lifestyle and confidence you were accustomed to.

To begin the process of RESTORE, your next step is scheduling, a Hair Solution Discovery.