Scalp Avulsion: Severe Scalp Injury or Trauma

Avulsion refers to the occurrence of a surface trauma that tears away all layers of skin. Scalp avulsion is a rare injury where the hair is caught or trapped in something, like industrial machinery, causing the scalp and hair to be torn away from the body.

Immediate emergency medical assistance is required in cases of scalp avulsion; the amount of blood loss can be life threatening. With proper medical care and replantation, this potentially devastating injury can have positive, reconstructive results.

Serious trauma to the scalp and the lengthy scalp avulsion healing process results in scar tissue on a damaged scalp, causing permanent hair loss and a constant reminder of the distressing event. We specialize in providing the most technologically advanced, tailor-made, proprietary designs of hair RESTORE solutions to give you back the beautiful hair, lifestyle and confidence you were accustomed to.

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