Post-Partum Hair Loss

Many women look forward to the glow of pregnancy. This exciting time can cause many physiological changes to the body: higher levels of hormones, bright, shiny skin and fast-growing, fuller hair. For most expecting women, increased estrogen extends the growth phase of hair, resulting in reduced shedding and seemingly fuller locks. However, the stress of pregnancy, childbirth and even breastfeeding can quickly turn the glow into, “Oh no, my hair is falling out!”

Usually about three months after delivery, the growth/rest cycle of your hair returns to normal. Women commonly notice more hair falling out during this time referred to as post-partum hair loss. It is usually caused by the increase in stress on the body from pregnancy, childbirth and even breastfeeding. For those experiencing hair loss after or during pregnancy, you can help create the optimal environment for your hair to grow so, after the baby arrives, you can minimize any potential post-partum hair loss.

Find out how discovering and maintaining the health of your scalp can help you take on post-partum hair loss, at each stage of pregnancy:

Before Pregnancy

The last thing most women think about before getting pregnant is their hair, unless they are already experiencing hair problems such as hair loss, dandruff, itch or excessive oiliness. Don’t overlook your scalp and hair before pregnancy; you should begin getting your scalp in the optimal condition to maintain healthy beautiful hair and PREVENT post-partum hair loss.

During Pregnancy

For most expecting women, hair looks its best now. Just as you continue to take care of your body during pregnancy, continue or start taking care of your scalp and hair by discovering how healthy your scalp really is. You need a hair and scalp regimen designed to balance your scalp and create the optimal environment for your hair to continue to grow and minimize hair loss after pregnancy.

After Pregnancy

If you have taken the proper steps to take care of your scalp and hair before and during pregnancy, your post-partum hair loss should be greatly minimized. If your hair has begun to excessively shed, or if more of your scalp is visible than your hair, our Hair and Scalp Specialists can evaluate your scalp and hair to determine if conditions are ideal for the hair growth cycle. From there, our team will create a custom post-pregnancy protocol designed to CORRECT excessive shedding or design a solution to RESTORE hair that has been lost due to pregnancy.

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