Hair Microscopy Is The Solution to Your Hair Loss & Hair Growth Problem

Hair loss continues to be one of the most significant issues faced by men and women of all ages. Is your hair loss a short-term issue or a long-term issue? How do you treat the problem of hair loss? There are thousands of potential hair loss solutions, but do those solutions really work? How do you know they work? Many of these questions have been and continue to be subjectively answered, leaving the individual confused, frustrated, and wanting more answers. Until now, there has not been a scientific answer to all these hair loss questions.

Today, Hair Microscopy helps scientifically answer all your hair loss questions and, more importantly, the most important question you should be asking yourself, “Do I really have a hair loss or a hair growth problem?”



What is Hair Microscopy?

Hair Microscopy is the microscopic examination of hair follicles using a specialized microscope. With the use of the microscope, hairs can be more thoroughly analyzed to determine what is going on with hair loss and hair growth beneath the scalp’s surface. Hair Microscopy uses a specialized polarized light microscope during the examination of the hair follicles.  Similar to how light behaves when passing through a crystal – it enters white but then is refracted in multiple colors – hair responds very similarly due to the structural proteins found in hair. This color refraction enables us to determine the thickness of an individual hair follicle, based not only on actual measurement but on color refraction from the keratin found in the hair.


3 Steps Process of Hair Microscopy Analysis



Hair Microscopy gives the patient the ability to scientifically determine the following about their hair: Is Telogen Effluvium (Stress-related hair loss) actively occurring, has a period of Telogen Effluvium just ended, or has hair loss really not been an issue for you, and instead is normal balanced shedding? What is the percentage of hairs going through pre-miniaturized and/or miniaturized (hair thinning)? What is the percentage of mass hair loss based on the average caliber of the hair follicle? What is the average follicle depth in the scalp (Cause of quick hair fall-out)? Is hair being affected or compromised by the following: Quality of sleep Stress & Anxiety Digestive issues


ScalpCheck Vs. Hair Microscopy

For over 10+ years, we have been providing ScalpCheck, an in-depth analysis of your scalp and hair to identify the underlying causes of your hair and scalp problems. We use Cesare Ragazzi’s proprietary software, TricoTest, and non-invasive, non-surgical medical appliances and four camera magnifications to sense and view hydration and oil levels in the skin and hair.

With the addition of Hair Microscopy, we are now able to add the most comprehensive hair and scalp analysis available in the United States. ScalpCheck gives us the ability to see and show what is happening on the scalp. Hair Microscopy now allows us to see and communicate with guests about what is happening beneath the surface of the scalp. When used together, Hair Microscopy and ScalpCheck can provide the most comprehensive look at happening during the growth of hair and determine a more pinpointed cause of hair loss.

The blend of Hair Microscopy & ScalpCheck allows you to finally answer the questions you have been asking about your hair loss and, for the first time, accurately know if your hair is truly growing the way that it should and what can be done to make the proper adjustments to provide for ongoing healthy long-lasting hair growth.




*A special note of thanks to I.A.H.M – Italian Academy of Hair Microscopy and S.I.Tri. – Italian Society for Hair Science and Restoration for providing detailed images of hair follicles.