ScalpCheck® Frequently Asked Questions

Do you still have questions about ScalpCheck and if it is right solution for you?  Learn more about ScalpCheck by reading these frequently asked questions. Then schedule your ScalpCheck appointment to discover the true health of your hair and scalp.

How much does ScalpCheck cost & how long will it take?

ScalpCheck is a 90-minute appointment and costs $75. We do require the $75 cost to be paid in the form of a deposit, due when scheduling your appointment. Please contact us 48 hours prior to your appointment if you need to cancel or reschedule so we may allow guests on our waiting list to take advantage of that time; failure to do so will result in the forfeiture of your deposit.

Do I need to bring anything or prepare for the appointment in any special way?

Yes, there are a few preparations for your ScalpCheck appointment:

  • Do not shampoo hair for 48 hours prior to appointment
  • Refrain from using any form of scalp camouflage makeup 48 hours prior to your arrival
  • Do not wear makeup or moisturizer on forehead area on the day of the appointment
  • Avoid using excessive styling products like hair gels, hair sprays, dry shampoos on that day
  • No heavy exercise/aerobic activity on the day of your appointment

What happens after the ScalpCheck?

Once your ScalpCheck appointment is completed, our certified Tricologist will create a customized scalp treatment protocol that is based on their individual results. The recommended protocol includes a combination of in-center and at-home scalp treatments designed to treat the root cause of your hair and scalp problem creating healthy hair and scalp.

How much does the recommended protocol cost?

The cost of each recommended protocol is based on your individual results and needs, so the costs vary as it is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Our Hair & Scalp Specialists will discuss pricing information for your custom Trichological Scalp Treatment protocol during your ScalpCheck appointment.

How long does the scalp treatment protocol last? What happens when I’m done with my protocol?

It takes approximately three months to restructure and rebalance hair and scalp. Our custom Trichological Scalp Treatment protocols are designed to last between three to four months. Before you have completed your protocol, you will return to our center for a re-assessment of your hair and scalp. Our trichologists will then recommend a custom protocol to continue maintaining your results and healthy scalp & hair.

How soon will I see improvements in my hair?

Our Trichological Scalp Treatments are designed for your specific hair and scalp needs. Remember, results for each individual differ, depending on their condition and goals. Our guests feel an immediate difference in their hair and scalp after their first scalp treatment. With consistent use of the recommended protocol, you will notice improvements in your hair and scalp within the first few weeks of treatment.

Can your scalp treatments re-grow hair?

Individuals experiencing hair loss and thinning are often looking for a miraculous cure to re-grow their hair. Unfortunately, medical research has yet to develop a product or treatment that will re-grow hair. The answer for most hair loss sufferers will be a multi-therapy approach to help hold onto the hair they have and prevent or slow further loss.

Are you a medical facility? Do you accept insurance?

Our center specializes in providing non-medical solutions for hair loss and hair thinning; we are not a medical facility. ScalpCheck is a non-invasive process. We do not accept insurance as a form of payment.

If you are ready, schedule your ScalpCheck today.