Did Covid Cause My Hair Loss?

There has been an influx of hair loss after testing positive for Covid. We help answer the big question…


November through January, the United States had an incredible resurgence of Covid cases. Since then, there has been an increased awareness of individuals claiming that after testing positive for Covid, they see thinner hair, increased shedding, and a change in hair texture or feel. So is there a direct correlation between testing positive for Covid and experiencing hair loss?

The answer is not an easy one.

The direct answer is no. Hair loss has not been directly linked as a side effect of having Covid, nor has it been listed as a symptom of Covid. That said, experiencing hair loss after testing positive for Covid is happening, but not the way we think. It is not Covid that is causing hair loss, but rather the stress that Covid places on the body, in combination with the already increased levels of daily stress that everyone is currently facing. This is known as Telogen Effluvium.


Stress affects the body in many ways – One way is hair loss.