Tips for Perfect Posture

Posture is as much a part of one’s well being as the food they eat or their daily exercises, yet it’s something that we often neglect. Dr. Casen, from the Drugless Doctor discusses the benefits and tips for having the perfect posture and how having poor posture affects your health!


Dr. Casen-

I have seen an increase number of our practice member’s coming into our office after a day at the office complaining of upper back tightness and rounded shoulders.  I then ask them THE QUESTION: Have you stretched today?  Many people don’t get up and move while they’re working.  It’s so important to know what exercises you can be doing when you’re not in our office that can help you better your posture.  I found this great article that gives us some pointers on how to improve posture and a short video what exercises you can do to help.  Enjoy!