Do You Want Salon Soft Hair?

Do you wonder how you can get salon soft hair at home? Simple! The secret is to pre-condition your hair, before your regular shampooing! This helps eliminate tangles when shampooing hair. If hair is tangled when shampooing you are not getting clean hair and you are going to create breakage in hair because of snarling of the tangles.

This is what you can do BEFORE you get into the shower to help condition hair while also removing tangles to get salon soft hair:

1. Get a water bottle and put a small amount of conditioner into a spray bottle of water. Shake really well.

2. Section your hair and then spray the pre-conditioner onto hair above and below the sectioned hair.

3. Comb through hair using a Wet Brush to help eliminate tangles.

4. Then let it sit while you get ready to get in the shower.

As an extra little bonus my video also shows you the keys to applying Protein Treatment and Moisturizing Conditioner the right way.

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– Jeffrey Paul