Ask Jeffrey – The secret to silky-smooth hair is silk

“Jeffrey, how in the world do movie stars have such beautiful, smooth hair?” – Monica H.

Monica, thank you for your question! One of the most important answers to that question is that they treat their hair right. What do I mean by that? Well, if you’ve watched any of my other beauty tip videos or read the blogs, then you know that friction is the number one enemy of beautiful hair. Friction causes breakage, frizz and knotting – three things you’ll never see in a hair commercial.

I’ve already addressed collar friction, but the majority of friction actually happens while you are sleeping! In the video above I explain that the friction caused by laying your head on a pillow is something that can be avoided by simply using a silk satin pillowcase – yes the secret to silky hair is a silky pillow!

Here are some quick steps to take to ensure that your hair is protected and beautiful when you wake up in the morning:

1. Spritz spray conditioner gently all around your head

2.  Use a wet brush to gently comb through your hair, making sure that the conditioner is equally distributed throughout the hair.

3. Sleep on a silk satin pillowcase

And that’s it! Of course I have so many more wonderful beauty tips to share, so stay tuned to the blog and connect with us on:

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Remember… beauty begins within

Jeffrey Paul