Reach For Relief! Eliminating Neck and Shoulder Pain

Working daily and sitting hunched over at your desk is one way to really cause pain in your neck and shoulders. Mark Roozen, the former strength and conditioning coach for the Cleveland Browns, discusses exercises you can do, while at your office, to help eliminate neck and shoulder pain.

The “Push-Me-Pull-Me”
from Movie Dr. Doolittle

Mark Roozen-

Chronic tightness in the shoulders and neck, pain that radiates through the neck and shoulders, reduced range of motion and that stereotypical “office worker hunch” are the great plagues of modern life.

The situation is made worse because of the American mentality of work, “to get ahead we need to do more!” We get caught up in the old “push me – pull me” situation and end up like the animal in the Dr. Doolittle movie, not sure if we’re coming or going!

We want to get ahead at work, so we spend more time at our desk, work to get in one more client and push to do more and more. But if we spend too much time working away in the head forward, shoulders rolled, hips tucked under position, we risk repetitive use injuries that will start taking a greater and greater toll on our bodies, our health and wellness and our performance levels — and we will end up doing less but taking more energy to do it. We work harder to become less effective and efficient!

So what’s the solution?!