• 6 Secrets to Weight-loss Without Dieting

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It’s important that we take care of our bodies as well as our minds. My friend, and our favorite health and wellness expert, Marisa Dicenso-Pelser, has provided six secrets to losing (and maintaining) a healthy weight in a healthy way.

Secret #1: Keep Moving
Keep your activity level high everyday. Workouts should consist of both cardiovascular training and strength training. Out of the gym, make an effort to move as much as possible!

Secret #2: Be a Healthy Eater
You are what you eat. Skip the drive thru and be sure to keep calories low, maintain portion control, and eat fresh foods.

Secret #3: Turn off the TV
The average person watches a whopping 35 hours of television each week, while people who successfully maintain their weight loss watch an average of 7 hours or less.

Secret #4: Keep it Simple
Create a repertoire of basic whole foods: fruits, vegetables, lean protein, whole grains, beans and nuts. Cutting down on your options makes it easier to stick to your plan, making weight loss guaranteed.

Secret #5: Eat for the Right Reason
Emotional eating is one of the top reasons that people are overweight. It’s very important that you view food as fuel, not as an answer to deeper emotional needs.

Secret #6: Forget All-Or-Nothing
No one is perfect! Don’t let small slip-ups send you into a tailspin of an all-or-nothing sabotage. Simply return to your healthy lifestyle rather than letting yourself backslide into old habits.

Don’t be one of the many who skip these 6 secrets and instead return to life pre-weight loss. You worked hard to be where you are – you deserve to maintain it.

Thank you Marisa for these great tips! For more information on Marisa and great recipes, visit her blog!

Remember…Beauty Begins Within

– Jeffrey Paul 

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Marisa DiCenso Pelser smallMarisa Dicenso-Pelser – Marisa is one of the Founders and Head Trainers for Pure Health and Fitness. Marisa is a Raw Foods Chef, Personal Trainer, and Nationally Qualified Figure Competitor. Along with her husband, Pieter, they are spreading the word of the importance of plant-based raw food nutrition as well as fitness throughout Northeast Ohio.