• Hairspray 101 – “Proper Use of Hairspray”

What’s the key to using hairspray like a professional? You probably didn’t even know there was a ‘correct’ way! Well, other than using high quality products, it’s the most important factor in hairspray application is the distance at which you are spraying your hair! Why? Because the manufacture creates the bottle to spray moisture for 12 inches and if you are closer than 12 inches it means you are getting too much accelerant (the ingredient that pushes the spray out of bottle) and residual product on the hair. This in turn can cause dryness and those dreaded white flakes.

In order to get the most desired affects from your hair spray product, you need to hold your arm out straight, at approximately 12 inches from your head and then spray! Work the product into your hair with your hands or a brush and then spray again!

In this video I walk you through the detailed steps on what you may be doing wrong and show the correct way to use hairspray like a pro!

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