• How to Increase or Decrease Your Hair’s Pliant Strength

Last month I talked about the importance of knowing you hair’s pliant strength and how to determine what your hair’s pliant strength is. Now, together with Jeffrey Paul Salon Hair Replacement Specialist Megan, let us show you how you can either increase or decrease your hairs pliant strength in order to create different texturized looks.

Here are 3 steps for adjusting your pliant strength to get your desired texture:

1. Select the proper product that will either increase or decrease your hair pliant strength
2. Section 1” thick of hair and spray or apply product from roots to ends and on the top and bottom sides of hair section, and comb through to evenly distribute.
3. Use styling tool to finish style based on the results you want

Watch how pliant strength can be adjusted and the difference it can make in your overall look!

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