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With summer in full swing, there’s no doubt that you (and your hair) will be in and out of a pool. Sounds great, right? Except swimming pools contain a chemical that’s bad for your hair’s health… chlorine.

So, what does that mean for me? Here are a few ways chlorine is bad for your hair:

• Chlorine can damage the cuticle and proteins of the hair.
• It will cause hair to look and feel dry.
• Can cause discoloration or darkening of hair color due to air and sun oxidizing.
• Hair will feel gummy when wet and straw-like when dry.
• Shine will be replaced with brittle hair.

There’s one thing, when you’re planning on a pool day, that you’ll want to protect your locks from – chlorine. While chlorine is bad for your hair, it shouldn’t stop you from enjoying a day at the pool. Just be sure that you’re taking care of your hair afterwards.

Here’s the thing, chlorine is not only found in pools, it’s found in hard water too. But there’s no need to stress too much, there’s something you can do!

It’s important to start by protecting your water. It’s best to install a shower filter with a de-chlorinator. Because hard water contains chlorine, once you’re out of the swimming pool and rinse off, if you’re showering in hard water you’re not getting the chlorine out of your hair. By installing that shower filter, you’re able to maintain your hair’s health, color and texture, which is important!

Take any cautionary steps in preventing damage and to help prolong the life and health of your hair so you can enjoy time outdoors worry free!

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