• Pump It Up!

Do you ever notice that your bangs and the top of your hair seems to go flat before the rest of your hair does? It doesn’t matter if you have long hair or short, growing hair or a hair addition if your hair is thinner and you want to create lift that lasts I have a tip for you.

By using the Aquage Uplifting Foam on the roots of your bangs and the top of your hair you will  allow for maximum lift, with  long-lasting style retention and without stiffness.

Check out the video above to learn more about the great benefits of Uplifting Foam and some special tips on how to apply it in order to create the lift that you are looking for. Below you will also find some great details on why, when and how to use the product:

Why you should use it?

  • To create maximum lift and volume while blow-drying
  • Hair will remain soft and pliable yet full of body and bounce
  • Excellent to create long lasting style retention

When to use it?

  • Spray onto freshly shampooed, towel dried hair

How much to use?

  • Spray generously onto towel dried hair in a zig zag pattern
  • Spray extra product on the root area to increase the level of lift and volume away from the scalp

How to use it?

  • After applying product, comb through with a fine-tooth comb from roots to ends for even product distribution
  • Section hair and begin blow styling at the root area, lifting the hair away from the scalp for maximum volume
  • Work from the roots toward the ends until the entire section is dry
  • Brush through after hair is completely dry to blend the sections and create fluidity

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