How Walking Can Change Lives

Wigs for Kids Cleveland Zoo Walk RecipientWho knew that walking a 5k could mean a hairpiece for a child? And at age 5, what exactly does a hairpiece mean to a child?

The answer, at least for Emma Hutchinson, is to fit in.

Emma is one of Wigs For Kids’, the non-profit organization that I founded with my wife, recipients this year. Emma is a Ballerina Princess and when she steps onto a stage, this little girl shines on the stage like no other.

Emma has been suffering from a disease called Alopecia, and even so, her bright eyes and heart of a child have allowed her to have fun and enjoy life with her dancing, swimming and playing baseball. But because of her hair replacement system from Wigs for Kids Emma will be able to experience that time that every little girl goes through a time where she learns how to put her hair in a simple ponytail or even something more intricate like a French braid.

With the help of the Cleveland community at last year’s Wigs for Kids Zoo walk, and donations from all over the world, we are so very happy to be able to provide Emma with the hairpiece that allows her to feel beautiful on the inside as well as the outside. We can’t help but be inspired by Emma’s love of life and her ability to find joy even during a trying time. Thank you Emma sharing your story with us.

If you are inspired by Emma’s story please go to the Wigs for Kids website,  we are hosting the 8th annual Wigs for Kids Zoo Walk on July 27th! Sign up to walk/run a 5k, donate your hair during our cut-a-thon, or create a team and help raise funds so that we can help more children like the beautiful Emma!

Remember…Beauty Begins Within

Jeffrey Paul 

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