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Each year our team comes together to find an organization, or two, that we feel has made a difference in the lives of people (or animals) that we know. Each member of our team comes with their story of the organization that has stood out to them and together we decide how we as a team can come together to support them. This year we are excited to support two wonderful organizations: The Village Project and Purr-fect Companion Cat Sanctuary.

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The Gift Of Giving Thanks


“I am grateful for what I am and have. My thanksgiving is perpetual.” –Henry David Thoreau

Many around the Thanksgiving table will barely take the time to enjoy the traditions of the holiday before rushing out to score the best shopping deals.  Recently, we even came across a website that defines Thanksgiving as “a holiday on the fourth Thursday of November that precedes Black Friday.”   Thanksgiving is about so much more than turkey and sales.  It’s about thankfulness and the recognition that we are all blessed with positive things that come our way in life.

Every Thanksgiving as our family gathers to eat more than any human should in one day, we always take the time to reflect on the past year and say thanks for all the blessings in our lives.  With that in mind, we give you the five things we’re most grateful for this Thanksgiving.

Seeing the Sun Through the Clouds – Staying Positive Daily

Do you ever find yourself dwelling on negative things? Nothing seems to be going right and you just can’t find anything positive around you? Or maybe you feel like you just have bad luck. We’ve all been there.

It is very easy to get into a negative mindset… When negative things happen, we continue to think upon the negative, which sets us up for a vicious cycle of negative outcomes. That’s a lot of negativity!

Philippians 4:8 gives us the best principle to bring a positive change to your life, “Think upon good things.” I have a 3-step approach based off of Philippians 4:8 to help you get out of that slump of negative thinking and get back to seeing the positive light in all things. Here is what you need to do:

The Power of Your Words

One of the most powerful things in this world is none other than our words. The words that we surround ourselves with everyday have a much more larger impact than we could ever imagine.

When we speak something or hear something often enough, we begin to accept it as truth. That’s why it’s so important to remain positive and aware of our inner AND outer beauty on a daily basis. Positive thoughts need to be amplified! So, I have developed a three-step process that allows you to heal the inner parts of your being that have been hurt by the words of others or even by the words or thoughts of yourself.

Watch the video above to begin the process of metamorphosis!

Remember… Beauty & Change Begin Within,

Jeffrey Paul 

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The Change of the Ugly Caterpillar

The most rewarding part of my job is watching someone whose self-image has diminished and then is transformed back into a vital, happy, radiant human being. When she looks into the mirror and sees herself as she once was – or as she has always wished to be – the joy in her eyes and beautiful face lights up a room! She’ll carry this confidence with her throughout her life, and she will experience a happiness like never before…both in her inner self and the outer self she presents to others. I have personally seen this happen time and time again, and it’s something that I will never tire of witnessing.

Live Your Playlist – Part 2

In case you missed our post yesterday, I recently had the opportunity to interview Emmy-nominated journalist, broadcaster, producer, film critic, speaker, and author Andrea Vecchio. If you didn’t see Live Your Playlist – Part 1, I highly encourage you to do so now (see under “Resources” below). Then, you can enjoy Part 2 in this post.

As you saw in Part 1, Andrea is an incredible person who has overcome incredible obstacles. Overcoming the career, relational, and health hurdles all within such a short time is amazing. It is our hope that you will hear her story of perseverance and strength to help guide you in any struggles you may be facing – whether it’s hair thinning or loss, career or personal issues, or whatever may be weighing on you and causing stress in your life.

Live Your Playlist – Part 1

Andrea_interview_part_2_capture_FINAL WITH BANNER
As I mentioned last week, I have a special guest joining me in this week’s posts! In the above videos, I had the incredible opportunity to interview Emmy-nominated journalist, broadcaster, producer, film critic, speaker, and author Andrea Vecchio. Having interviewed Hollywood’s elite, traveling all over to bring the latest stories, Andrea has now written an amazing book and does speaking engagements around the country. What will amaze you, as it does me, is her story. While everything was seemingly going well in her life, a two-week span caused her life to come to a screeching halt when she found herself in the midst of career, relational, and health chaos.

But her story doesn’t end there. It is not only inspirational but also motivational, as she pulled herself up from the ashes to live a beautiful and fulfilling life. Although she is in high demand, she was able to sit down for a few minutes and have a conversation with me to share her story of heartache, sacrifice, and, ultimately, how we must empower ourselves to live our lives.

Are You Ready to Be Inspired?

We have a treat in store for you! Next week I am gong to introduce you to Andrea Vecchio.  Andrea is an Emmy-nominated journalist who has served as a television broadcaster, producer, and film critic. During this time, she had the opportunity to interview countless celebrities around the world, including such household names as Meryl Streep, Russell Crowe, Robert DiNiro, Jennifer Aniston, to name a few.

While everything was seemingly going well in her life, a two-week span caused her life to come to a screeching halt. She found herself in the midst of career, relational, and health chaos.

Interview with A. Vecchio, author of Live Your Playlist

I had the amazing opportunity to interview Andrea to discuss how she pulled herself up from the ashes to live a beautiful and fulfilling life. Next week we are going to air a 2-part interview series, and I am confident that her book, Live Your Playlist, and her message will resonate with everyone. She talks about all of the hard subjects – dealing with bad relationships, overcoming self-doubt, making huge changes in your life, forgiving others, and so much more.

Beauty Tips – At Home Anti-Aging of Face and Hair

Please enjoy these beauty tips…everything from Avocado facials to adding protein to your hair to brightening your teeth. This segment is full of beauty tips that you can start doing today to improve your skin, hair, and overall confidence!

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Remember…Beauty & Change Begin Within,

– Jeffrey Paul

Who You Are

beautifully made

Too often we are inundated with external messages that tell us who we should be. Pop culture tells us we should be thin and dressed in the latest fashions. Family and friends often expect that we should conform to a belief or career path. The “experts” have published title after title proclaiming all that we should be. It’s rare for these messages to tell the truth: that you’re a beautifully made creation.

Daily habit helpers

Establishing a New Habit

As we’ve been thinking this week about the importance of establishing a daily habit of quietness, reflection, and prayer, we stepped back to think about what makes our own quiet moments special. These are some of our favorite helping tools for quiet time, perhaps they’ll help you too.


There isn’t much in life that music doesn’t enhance, don’t you agree? This is an album of soft, sacred music perfectly arranged to create an ambiance for just the kind of quiet moments I talked about in the video earlier this week. Perhaps you have your own preferred genre, I encourage you to pick a particular album and reserve it just for this quiet time.

The daily habit you need to get where you’re going

Do you ever wonder where you are going in life?  Wouldn’t it be easier if there was a road map, guiding us down the correct paths and avoiding those that would cause disappointment, harm, or trouble? Wouldn’t it be easier to tailor our daily habits and choices if we knew exactly where we’re headed?

While we’re not born with a tangible map to hold in our hands, we are born with the guidance of something else – our Creator.  Instead of the broken puzzle pieces that we would be without Him, if we stop, listen, and trust in Him to lead us, we will find our greatest destinations in life.  With His help, we are no longer broken and jumbled, rather we are complete and will find great blessings.

The daily habit everyone needs to practice

Pause. Breathe. Pray
January is a popular time of year for pausing to reflect on the year that’s just finished and set intentions for the year ahead. Additionally, it’s a great time to set your sites on your routines – is there a new daily habit you should add? This is the time to evaluate the days, weeks, and months that have passed, to think about what’s working and what’s not working so well; define goals and set action steps to attain them; decide on new daily habits you’d like to establish and a define a plan for incorporating these new behaviors into your life.

Great tools for a great year!

daily planner reflectionToday is a great day to have a great day…and this is a great year to have a great year! Welcome to 2016, friends!

It’s that time again! Time to set your intentions and make plans for a healthier new year. How has your reflection and planning gone? Did you take some time to think about the past year – about what’s been working and what’s not working so well? What’s been your key learning from the year we just closed? I’ve got some great things planned for this year, I hope you’ll join us each and every week as we bring inspiration and tools for a healthier, beautiful you.