Your Personal Hair Loss Evaluation Guide

self-evaluation-guide-thumbHave you begun to notice hair loss or thinning? There are steps you can take to evaluate what stage your hair loss is at before even talking to a professional.

In my Personal Hair Loss Evaluation eBook Guide, I walk through each step helping you determine the extent of your personal hair loss. This ebook discusses pattern and diffusion loss evaluation, hair fall out assessment and provides a checklist to determine which grade of hair loss you are at.

Once you figure out the grade, the book provides a chart with possible solutions you can take to restore your hair and make it beautiful again.

To get your free copy of my Personal Hair Loss Evaluation eBook Guide, all you need to do is sign up for my blog! And for more information on hair loss solutions email to schedule a free consultation or check out my book Women’s Hair Solutions for more great information on solutions!

Remember…Beauty Begins Within

– Jeffrey Paul 

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