Dis-Tress Hair Thinning and Loss

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The moment is encapsulated in your mind so purely that remembering it now brings back that initial physiological reaction. Your heart skips a beat; your stomach twists. You recall looking closer and closer at your scalp in the mirror, dividing strands between frantically searching fingers to locate the source of the problem, and trying to decipher how it would look next week, next month, and in five to ten years.

Some of us see the hairs we lost. We notice them on our clothes, in our brushes, on our pillows or on our bathroom floors. Others aren’t sure what happened. It’s a mystery that leaves us wondering if we used the right products through the years, if we made a mistake with a certain styling routine or color processing, or if we have some sort of medical problem.

In this sense, we have experienced the feeling of personal panic. But identifying the causes as well as the extent of your hair loss will guide you most accurately in finding the right solutions and appreciate that there is hope for relieving your distress.
Hair thinning and loss can be attributed to many factors and, often, combinations of those factors. Generally speaking, they may include:

  •  Genetic predisposition (a family history of hair loss)
  •  Stress and trauma (constriction of blood supply; poor vitamin assimilation)
  •  Nutrition and diet (high consumption of animal fats)
  •  Health issues (thyroid imbalance)
  •  Medications (chemotherapy)
  •  Environment (pseudo-estrogens and pseudo-androgens)
  •  Chemical damage (incorrect chemical processes applied to hair)

To find more information on causes of hair loss and the solutions please check out my book, Women’s Hair Solutions to Thinning and Loss. My book will empower you with the knowledge you need to take the best possible action to correct your problem and reclaim your confidence.
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