• Wake Up Hair, The Right Way!

If you are a coffee drinker in the morning, you know what it’s like, or you’re like, when you don’t get that cup of coffee to help you wake up. Just like you, your hair needs a wake-up call to help get the “bed head” and the tangles out. One of the most important things you can do before stepping into the shower is to precondition hair. By doing this preconditioning step you will help start the day for your hair with a great foundation. In this video I walk you through the process step by step, but it’s really quite simple. Make sure to:

  1. Section Hair
  2. Mix Conditioner and water into a water bottle and sprits onto hair
  3. Brush through your hair

And that’s it! You’ll be amazed at how much of a difference this short process will make! For more beauty tips daily connect with me on:

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Remember…Beauty Begins Within

– Jeffrey Paul