• What’s Your Pliant Strength?

Most woman realize that they have a face shape and that shape helps determine the best style and cut for your hair. But most women don’t realize that their hair has pliant strength and it is that pliant strength that helps determine how hair can be styled. So what is hair pliant strength?

Great question! Pliant strength is the balance between the texture and the hold found in the hair fiber. There are 3 levels of plaint strength, it’s best to figure out where your hair lies without any product in it, to determine which level your hair falls under on the scale.

1. Silky: Plaint Strength of 0-2
2. Regular (in-between silky and texturized): Plaint Strength of 3-7
3. Coarse: Plaint Strength of 8-10

It is key to know your pliant hair strength so that you can decide if you would like to increase or decrease this level, based on the look or style you’re going for. By using the proper products and techniques you’ll be on your way to making your hair’s plaint strength to your desire!

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