• Which Shampoo Prevents Hair Loss?

It’s a question we hear all the time! You begin noticing more hair than usual collecting in your shower drain or bathroom floor. Or maybe your hair has lost volume or your ponytail has gotten noticeably smaller. You begin to worry, try to figure out what is going on and how you can prevent further hair loss and ultimately get your hair back. The answer must be that the shampoo you are using isn’t the right one and so the obvious next step… “Hey Google – Which shampoo prevents hair loss?”

Thousands of products begin to fill your screen and you are left with determining which is best for you? Which shampoo has the best model with the hair that looks just like you want yours to look? Which shampoo makes the most enticing claims to restore hair that has been lost?

We are here to answer the question once and for all – Which shampoo prevents hair loss?

The Answer – None.

Wait what? But the ads? The models? The claims? This can’t be right. My friend used this and said that… are you sure?

We know. It’s not the answer you were expecting and definitely not the one you were hoping for. Yet, the truth is that no shampoo truly prevents hair loss and exactly 100% of shampoos will NOT (we will say it again – will NOT) re-grow your hair once your hair follicle (the root of the hair) is gone.

Shampoo has one main function – to cleanse your hair and scalp. Although shampoos can have ingredients in them to help add some very minimal add-ons, most are just fancy marketing. Marketing that points away from the fact that although the product may contain an ingredient that may do something like prevent hair loss, it is such small amount that it really does not make a difference.

Think about it – shampoo is on the normal head for approximately 1-2 minutes. Although we would all love to find an easy cure-all, the truth is that nothing works that fast, especially when its designed with one purpose to –  cleanse the hair and scalp and not to prevent hair loss.

If you really are concerned about the health of your hair or if you are trying to prevent hair loss the question you really should be asking yourself is, “How healthy is my scalp?”

Your scalp is the missing link to healthy hair – if you want to have healthy hair, prevent hair loss or correct hair problems, proper scalp care is essential. That starts with a ScalpCheck – an in-depth analysis of your hair and scalp performed by a trichologist who is then able to take those results and customize a hair and scalp care protocol based on your specific needs. A protocol that is designed to exfoliate, cleanse and then properly treat the specific area of concern for both your hair and your scalp.

What Did You Say About Not Getting My Hair Back Once It’s Gone?

The popular claim that shampoos, treatments or therapies make are not always as transparent as they should be. If you know what to look for it makes more sense. In order to know what to look for, you need to better understand hair.

Hair has a root, once the root of the hair is gone nothing regrows. Think of it this way. The beautiful flowers in your yard… they grow because there is a root. With no root, the claims being made would be equivalent to saying that if you rub shampoo onto the table – hair will grow. What products, treatments or therapies CAN do is regrow the hair you have faster and stronger, but not add quantity.

Unfortunately, once hair is gone from hereditary hair loss, stress related hair loss, hormonal hair loss, or a combination of all of them. Nothing can bring your hair back. This is why it is even more important to begin taking care of your scalp and hair health BEFORE there is a problem. We do it for skin, why wouldn’t we do it for our hair as well? Even if you are in the midst of trying to correct the problem of hair loss, taking care of your hair and scalp now is still very important to prevent further loss.

Discover the Health of Your Hair & Scalp
If you are unsure if you are using the proper products for your hair and scalp or are suffer from dandruff, excessive scalp itch, hair loss, thinning and oily hair or just want to prevent further/future hair loss, you’re not alone. Don’t self-diagnose your own hair and scalp problems.

Our exclusive ScalpCheck, gives you an in-depth analysis designed, to help determine the health of your hair and scalp. This allows us to customize a hair and scalp care protocol based on your specific needs. Ultimately, reducing or preventing hair and scalp problems before they start and helping you maintain beautiful, healthy hair and scalp.