• 4 Great Benefits to Having Two Hairpieces


Hair is a fabric. Just like with your favorite outfit or that great pair of leather boots you wear… each fabric has a life expectancy based on the amount of use or overuse you put into it. The same is true for your hair replacement system. There’s no exact timeline as to when someone needs a new system or how long a hair system lasts. It varies on the way you wear and take care of your hair.

For the guest, at Jeffrey Paul Salon, who has selected the extended wear attachment option, the wear and tear that goes into wearing a system everyday is quite extensive. Think about it, even your most favorite outfit that you may wear 2 times a week (I won’t tell) gets taken on and off. The extended wear attachment method give the wearer the opportunity to live a more uncompromised life style because the hair system is attached. At the same time it can also cause a hair system to wear even faster.

Whether you have extensions, an integration system or a full hair replacement system, I highly suggest investing in two hairpieces. Why, you may ask? Here are a few of the great benefits having two hair systems, that you are able to alternate each month, can give you:

1. Longer Life of Unit – Because you are giving each unit a month of “time off” your head, it gives the system the ability to have a break from the normal month’s wear. The life of each hair system is different for everyone, but in some cases we have seen alternating systems can add up to 6 months of life expectancy.

2. Shorter Service Time – My team works hard to not only pamper our guests, but also take care of their needs in a timely fashion. By having two units it allows my team to prepare your hair system in advance and in some cases cut up to 30 minutes off your service time.

3. Insurance Policy – All hair systems will lose hair over the course of their life. In some cases guests have torn or damaged their hair system, or waited too long and the system has lost too much hair. Because the production of a custom system takes at least 12 weeks, the guest could be stuck in a tricky situation. With two systems it gives the guest the confidence to know that they will never fear being without their hair.

4. Consistency – Hair is always changing and no two hair systems will ever have the same hair. By ordering two hair systems at the same time, it ensures that both systems will be made with the closest matched hair that is possible. This prevents from having slight variations in color or texture of the hair. This also ensures the most natural look possible for a guest.

And remember, above everything else, similar to investing in a high-quality piece of clothing, it’s imperative that you follow the given steps of maintenance to keep your hair system looking as natural as possible and lasting as long as possible.

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– Jeffrey Paul 

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