• Ask Jeffrey: Can Cold Weather Cause Hair Tangling?

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I have been noticing a great deal of tangling in my nape area as well as the underside of my hair. It seems to have increased in the last few weeks. Is it possible that the cold weather is causing my hair to tangle?” Janelle V.

Janelle, thank you for your question! This is an excellent question, and one that I believe many women will benefit from.

The weather in the Cleveland area has definitely turned more frigid…Brrrrr! With that change of weather also comes a change in the clothes that we wear. During the winter months we wear heavier clothes to stay warm, but it can be these added layers that are causing the tangling and friction you are experiencing.

Sweaters, scarves, hats and jackets that are made out of wool or rougher materials are great to keep us warm; however they are also one of the leading contributors to tangles in hair. As you wear these items your hair is constantly rubbing against these materials and articles of clothing, especially in the collar area (nape area) and the underside of your hair. This constant rubbing causes friction and friction leads to tangling. This is very similar to what you can experience at night if you are not sleeping on a satin pillow case (Click Here to read more about friction caused at night).

Combine the heavier clothes and the natural dryness in the air during winter months and you have the perfect combination for dry, tangly hair.

The best way to combat against the friction, tangles and dry hair, is to use a spray conditioner and detangling spray throughout the day. This sort of product should have quality silicones and moisture retention ingredients in it. This will allow your hair to both retain moisture, as well as create slip in the hair in order to prevent against the friction from heavy winter clothing. Not sure about which product to use… here is a great product made with the highest quality ingredients.

So remember, in winter it is important to stay warm, but also important to take care of your hair by doing following:

  1. Spray a spray conditioner & detangling spray in your hair focusing on the underside and collar (nape) area.
  2. Using a Wet Brush comb through hair.
  3. Repeat as needed.

I hope this helps tip helps keep your hair beautiful and tangle free throughout the winter months. For more Beauty Tips Click Here!

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– Jeffrey Paul 

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