• Ask Jeffrey – 3 Minute Protein

“Why do I have to leave the protein treatment in my hair for 3 minutes?” -Cathy

Each hair follicle represents a tree branch. Just like the bark on wood, your hair cuticles gets dry and rough. Using Beautiful Hair Protein Treatment on your hair, along with the Beautiful Hair Moisturizing Conditioner will penetrate below the cuticle and repair damage and keep your hair beautiful!

Here is a list of reasons why we use the protein treatment:

  1. Splint ends will be repaired
  2. Natural Body will be increased
  3. Hair will be more manageable
  4. Chemical services will be more predictable as the damaged areas of the hair are protected against further damage.
  5. Expect to see a dramatic increase of hair’s shine and luster

Waiting 3 minutes matters! If you don’t your hair is not getting the full reparative benefits of protein, and there is nothing worse than hair that is damaged, tangled or broken due to a lack of protein.

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Remember…Beauty Begins Within

– Jeffrey Paul