• Ask Jeffrey – “What is My Hair Loss From?”

“I have been having hair loss for about a year and a half now. I thought it was due to stress but it has been continuing. I have had my thyroid tested and the test came back fine. Any other thoughts on causes? I am 37 and no other women in my family have had any other issues.” – Sarah 


This is a very common question, thank you Sarah.  Determining where your hair loss is coming from is a key step when it comes to understanding your hair loss. In my previous blog post, “Dis-Tress Hair Thinning and Loss,” I touched lightly on a few causes of hair thinning and loss. In this post I want to expand further on the topic.

Sarah is correct to question both stress and thyroid issues initially as the cause of her hair loss as these are two common factors. Other factors include diet and medications. If you aren’t consuming the right kinds—or enough—nutrients, your hair isn’t either. Water, iron, zinc, copper, vitamins A, B, and C, and protein are all essential for hair to grow healthy and strong.  Check out these posts for some good recommendations on healthy snacks and foods that will help strengthen hair.

Lastly, medications can be a contributing factor for hair loss. When taking medications such as oral contraceptives, chemotherapy, and blood pressure medications, each can cause hair loss when taking them and, sometimes when stopping them.

I hope this helps you to understand where your hair loss may be coming from. If you have questions about your hair loss, or other related questions please comment here for your chance to win my Beautiful Hair Maintenance Package. If you would like to take a personal Hair loss Self Evaluation to determine your level of loss click here or you can also email or chat LIVE with one of my consultants by clicking here.

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– Jeffrey Paul 

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