• Beauty Tips – What’s The Best Brush For You?

Having the right tools for your hair and knowing how to use them correctly is one of the secrets to having beautiful hair. But when you have thin hair it is even more important because you can cause greater breakage, limpness and fly a ways, which adds up to be a “Bad Hair Day.” In this video, I will show you what round brush is right to use for thin hair and how the professional uses them to get a fuller head of hair that will last to give you a “Beautiful Hair Day.”

3 thoughts on “Beauty Tips – What’s The Best Brush For You?

  1. The blog looks terrific!! Your opening welcome video was awesome and really inspiring! It introduces the blog wonderfully and is perfectly welcoming. The beauty tip video was great as well, very relatable and easy for someone at home to follow with success.


  2. I love it! I like that you are explaining what you are offering and why and how each viewer can use the tools they desire and i love that they can ask for what they want!

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