• Welcome to the Jeffrey Paul Blog!

I am so excited you are viewing this site. I have been looking forward to having a site where I can deliver to you my very best content – on a weekly basis – for you to continue looking and feeling your best, inside and out.

My mission is to help you look yourself and live your life with wholeness and beauty inside and out. My goal is to Teach, Inspire, Motivate, and Empower you to achieve the results you desire.

From the responses we’ve gathered from my newly published book on Amazon, you’re survey answers, and from our hands on workshop discussions, my team has designed this blog site to fulfill what you are interested in learning more about.

We have some exciting segments planned for you, but it is really going to evolve based on what you want to learn!

We have four major categories:

Beauty Tips – Tips and techniques for your hair, skin, and makeup.

Hair Restoration – From methods of increasing hair growth, to restoring hairpieces and extensions.

Inspiration – Stories, quotes, and teachings that will bring you inner peace.

Health and Wellness – Nutrition, exercise, interviews with specialists from around the country, and much more.

–       Visiting Guest Experts
–       Invitations to live hands-on workshops
–       Promotional offers not offered in the salon
–       Beauty company guest stylists and offers of great saving not available anywhere else

Be sure to check back frequently as we will be updating the blog on a weekly basis.

We need your input, so please let us know what you are interested in learning by e-mailing us at contacthairscalp.com or leaving comments and questions in our comment section at the end of each blog post.

I am excited to provide you with the knowledge and inspiration to empower you to feel beautiful inside and out.

Remember, beauty and change begins within – Jeffrey Paul


14 thoughts on “Welcome to the Jeffrey Paul Blog!

  1. Hi Jeffrey, I finally browsed your new blog! The initial video is very professional and inspiring and the blog is easy to navigate.

  2. The blog looks terrific!! Your opening welcome video was awesome and really inspiring! It introduces the blog wonderfully and is perfectly welcoming. The beauty tip video was great as well, very relatable and easy for someone at home to follow with success.


  3. Hey Jeff… Sweet! What’s not to like? You’ve hit all the marks… interesting, precise, clear layout, video, graphics, excellent content, free offer, opp to purchase. NICE! I’ll be talking to ya’. xxo I “liked” your pages.

  4. I like easy does it and simple stupid as life is way too complicated as it is. So anything that fills those requirements might work well 🙂

  5. I like that you are explaining what you are offering and why and how each viewer can use the tools they desire and i love that they can ask for what they want!

  6. Amazing blog and inspiration. As a client of close to 7 years and one who does not live in Cleveland I can say you and your staff saved my life. While sitting at a nail salon the other day the women next to me said “you have the most beautiful hair.” WOW!!!!! I have a full integration…. Grateful and I owe it all to JP

    1. Mindy, Thank you so much for your kind words and sharing your story with us. I would love to share your story on my Facebook page, but I would not like to post anything without your permission. Please let me know if I can share your experience.

      – Jeffrey Paul

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