Slow Hair Loss in 90 Days

How can I slow or stop hair loss and regrow my hair? This question is on the minds of more and more men and women starting at an earlier and earlier age. The key to understanding how to fix hair loss is to recognize it as a hair growth problem rather than a hair loss problem.

We often use anti-aging treatments as an example to answer this question. Today, more than ever, women and men alike are taking better care of their skin at an earlier age. It can be as simple as wearing the right sunscreen in the sun or using the right moisturizer. A skincare routine designed to keep skin supple, youthful, and free of wrinkles and skin spots can also be much more intense. It is easier to prevent and correct skin issues if you begin the anti-aging process early. You will have a harder time correcting the problem the longer you wait.  As we care for our skin to prevent aging, we should also use this same philosophy to care for our hair and prevent aging and long-term hair loss.

Does Covid-19 Cause Hair Loss?

We can all agree that 2020 has been a crazy year! More and more individuals are complaining of an increase in hair loss and hair shedding. Due to the increased numbers of people being infected by Covid-19 and the addition of potential symptoms related to Covid-19, the question now becomes – “Does Covid-19 cause hair loss?”

The answer – no…but also Yes!

Huh?!? That doesn’t make much sense. So are you saying, “No, Covid-19 doesn’t cause hair loss, or yes, it does?”

We are saying both. No, hair loss is not a direct symptom of Covid-19. However, over the last six months, we have seen a record number of job losses, increased medication usage, poor diets, and decreased physical activity, all of which have contributed to an unprecedented level of stress due to the onset of Covid-19. This increased level of stress from Covid-19 is now significantly contributing to individuals noticing increased shedding in the shower drain, bathroom floor, or brush.

To help you better understand how the increased levels of stress from Covid-19 affect our hair, we must first understand the basics of hair growth.