• Slow Hair Loss in 90 Days

How can I slow or stop hair loss and regrow my hair? This question is on the minds of more and more men and women starting at an earlier and earlier age. The key to understanding how to fix hair loss is to recognize it as a hair growth problem rather than a hair loss problem.

We often use anti-aging treatments as an example to answer this question. Today, more than ever, women and men alike are taking better care of their skin at an earlier age. It can be as simple as wearing the right sunscreen in the sun or using the right moisturizer. A skincare routine designed to keep skin supple, youthful, and free of wrinkles and skin spots can also be much more intense. It is easier to prevent and correct skin issues if you begin the anti-aging process early. You will have a harder time correcting the problem the longer you wait.  As we care for our skin to prevent aging, we should also use this same philosophy to care for our hair and prevent aging and long-term hair loss.

The act of shedding hair is often mistaken for long-term hair loss, but it is often merely a normal part of hair’s life cycle. It is common for 80-100 hairs to fall out each day during regular shedding. Those hairs that shed will begin to grow again. Exceptions exist, such as Telogen Effluvium, stress-related loss, which can speed up and increase shedding, but even these hairs usually regrow. It is the manner in which they regrow that should be the main focus.

During each new regrowth cycle, hair can begin miniaturizing or diffusing, resulting in a thinner diameter. Over time, those hairs will eventually cease to grow. However, it can take years for this process to be evident. Therefore, what you do today for hair growth is more critical than ever!

What should I do to slow down long-term hair loss?

You should focus on creating a healthy scalp for hair to grow in and provide the right nutrients for hair to grow. This will slow the progression of hair loss and keep your hair looking thicker by making it healthier and stronger.

The Havgen 5 Patch is a revolutionary patch that is invisible and easy to use for stimulating hair growth and combating hair loss. By nourishing the hair bulb with a powerful combination of nutrients, the patch promotes existing hair follicle regrowth within 90 days.

The main active ingredient, Serenoa Repens, is a natural ingredient known for rebalancing sebum production, counteracting hair loss, and reducing free radical damage. Its active formula also strengthens and restructures the hair, providing additional benefits for a healthy scalp.

For those who want an easy, effective, invisible, and non-prescription solution to prevent hair loss, the Havogen 5 Patch is the perfect solution. Regular use can help effectively counteract hair loss and stimulate the regrowth of existing hair follicles, leading to healthier and thicker-looking hair.

5 Benefits of Havogen Patch

  1. Reduces oil and inhibits the production of DHT (cause of hair loss)
  2. Provides antioxidants to help eliminate toxins at the root
  3. Reinforces and stimulates hair growth
  4. Strengthens and protects the structure of the hair shaft giving more body and sheen
  5. For guests wearing a hair addition or topper, the patch creates a better overall attachment experience helping lessen smell, itch, and premature slip.

The Havogen 5 Patch is clear, water-resistant, and designed to be worn for 12 hours each day to allow for the gradual absorption of the active, natural ingredients. Through this particular combination of vitamins, antioxidants, amino acids, plant extracts, and the unique mechanism of the slow-release technology, you can now fight hair loss at the root of the problem.

How to use the Havogen 5 Patch?

  • The patch MUST be used daily for the three-month treatment period. Apply one patch per day for havogen picture placement12 hours. You apply it at the base of the neck, ensuring alternate sides of the neck each day (ex., Day 1 – left side. Day 2 – right side, etc.) After 90 days, discontinue using the Havogen Patch for 30 days and then begin another 90-day cycle with daily use. This ensures that your body is maximizing the use of the active ingredients.




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