• How A Crash Diet Can Affect Hair Loss

Crash Diet

Anxiety is building as you glare at a date circled on your calendar. You have a wedding to attend and are itching to shed some extra pounds before fitting into that new dress and seeing old friends. At this point, a crash diet seems like a harmless way to lose the weight. Right? Wrong. 

While a crash diet may seem harmless, you’re hurting your body (and hair) from the inside, out. You may think, what’s the big deal? I’m just losing a few pounds fast. Though, by depriving your body of required daily nutrients such as iron, vitamin B12, and protein, your hair follicles won’t be getting fed. Eventually they’ll become fragile and fall out.

Hair loss associated with crash dieting is called Telogen Effiuvium and when your body’s organs aren’t getting the proper nutrients, they have to take energy from other tissues in your body, including your hair follicles. When they lose energy and the growth phase is interrupted, that’s when hair loss begins to occur.

If you really need to lose weight by a certain date, it’s best to get professional advice, such as a nutritionist or doctor, instead of risking your hair and health. It is also important to eat hair healthy foods such as: lean meats, fish, eggs, spinach, etc. that contain necessary nutrients.

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– Jeffrey Paul 

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