• Does Conditioner Cause Hair Loss?

Conditioner is often seen as one of the most harmless products for hair. It is – unless it is used incorrectly. What if conditioner was the cause of your hair loss in both your growing hair and hair addition hair?

Properly using any product is key to achieving the desired results, but it is the incorrect use of a product that can have undesirable affects.

How Does Conditioner Cause Hair Loss In Your Hair Addition?

In the video above we show the inside of an actual hair addition. The white spots that are seen on the inside is the build up of conditioner that has been placed at the base of the hair addition, instead of ONLY at the mid-shaft to ends. Conditioner should NEVER be used at the base of a hair addition.

When conditioner gets onto the nylon base of a hair addition it begins to build up and because it is almost impossible to get the conditioner out once built up it ultimately causes hair loss in three ways:

  1. When the conditioner is wet and built up at the base it can cause the hand tied knots to become lose or slip causing normal brushing to cause hair to come out at the knot.
  2. When the conditioner gets into the base of hair addition and then becomes dry and hardens it can cause the hairs to break over normal brushing or styling.
  3. Then there is the dreaded itch! Conditioner is defiantly not good for the scalp. It contributes to excessive oil on the scalp and excessive oils is the #1 cause of itch. Often times the white areas in the video is exactly where the guest is itching, and that is exactly where they begin to notice holes or missing hair in the their hair addition.

How Does Conditioner Cause Hair Loss In Your Growing Hair?

Once again, conditioner is specifically designed to be used on the mid-shafts to ends of hair, where hair is most damaged and in need of the most moisture. When conditioner is placed onto the scalp, and then not properly rinsed out, it can lead to the production of excess oil. Most conditioners have some form of oil in them. So, if you already have a problem with oily hair or oily scalp, adding the conditioner onto the scalp can only contribute more to this issue. This leads to:

  1. Excessively oily hair and scalp
  2. Scalp itch
  3. Oily Dandruff
  4. Excessive hair shedding

3 Keys To Proper Conditioner Use

  1. Emulsify the conditioner – After squirting the conditioner into your wet hands, and BEFORE placing it onto hair, that you rub the product together in your hands emulsifying the product before working it through the mid-shafts to ends.


  1. Less is more – You don’t need a lot! We repeat! You DON’T need a lot. Remember you are only placing conditioner on the mid-shafts of your hair to the ends. If your hair is 8-10” long you really only need about a nickle sized amount of conditioner. You can always add a little more, but more is not always better.


  1. Mid-Shafts to ends – The first 2-3 inches of your growing hair is the healthiest hair. That hair is not in need of extra moisture. Focus your conditioner use on the mid-shaft (middle of hair) to the ends as this is where hair needs the most help.