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Thinning tresses and hair loss can be difficult for men and women of any age. Hair loss can be caused by a variety of factors, including stress, hereditary, the result of illness or disease, or a side effect of medical treatments such as chemotherapy. Any hair loss can be traumatic and impart serious damage to one’s self-esteem.

We’ve heard it from many of our guests – their stress levels may have initially caused their hair loss, which resulted in additional strain. It’s a vicious cycle that’s extremely difficult to break. In dealing with all this added pressure, people turn to different coping mechanisms, such as overeating, staying within the confines of their home or overspending. These methods bring about their own problems and can result in even more concern for the person and their loved ones.

While our hair loss guests generally spans the adult ages, we occasionally meet a child who needs our help. 13-year-old Reighn King is one such recent example. Some very caring and attentive doctors and staff at Rainbow Babies and Children’s Hospital introduced us to Reighn and her family in November. Reighn was struggling after losing her hair due to Lupus, a chronic autoimmune disease. Hair loss can result directly from the disease or as a side effect of the medications used for treatment. Reighn’s family was quick to talk with us after hearing how we helped restore the self-confidence and beauty in other people.

Reign told us when she began losing her hair people would tell her she was using the wrong restroom, and classmates would ask if she was trying to look like a boy. All of this had an extreme impact on Reighn’s outlook and caused her to withdraw. Her mother, Toni, says it forced her to make the difficult decision to remove Reighn from school and have her homeschooled.

All of us at Jeffrey Paul Hair Restoration Center instantly knew that we needed to do something to help restore Reighn’s confidence and beauty. Through our ongoing partnership with Wigs for Kids, we were able to fit her with a beautiful new, handcrafted hair solution. We arranged to give her a new look at our center one day before her 14th birthday in December. When her doctors admitted Reighn to the hospital for more treatment just days before her birthday (and Christmas!), we would knew we would find a way to keep our commitment.

With the help of a lot of wonderful people at Rainbow Babies and Children’s Hospital, we fit Reighn with her new head of hair in a special area of the hospital. Our stylists cut and styled Reighn’s new hair to her liking and helped educate her on caring for it. We’re happy to report she continues to be thrilled with her new look.

“When anyone loses their hair, or their hair is thinning, it takes away part of their image, at least on the outside,” says Emmanuel Paul, a certified trichologist. “By restoring the hair, you’re also restoring their beauty, health and confidence.”

Countless times, our team has seen the vicious cycle of stress broken after helping someone with a custom hair solution. We see the return of a person’s self-confidence, pride and happiness along with a decrease dependence on potentially harmful coping methods to deal with the anxiety and pressure.

We’re hoping if you are experiencing hair loss or thinning hair that you won’t struggle with the situation but would instead allow us to assist you in bringing back your confidence, lowering your anxiety and allowing you to live the life you want. Call us today to make a consultation with our hair specialists – we’d love to help you! Call (440) 333-8939 or click the button below to reach out to us online.

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