• Is There Anyone Else Up There?

prayHave you ever heard the story of the mountain climber who slips and falls off the edge of the mountain and is hanging on for dear life with all his strength and effort, and when finally he is exhausted and unable to save himself begins to cry for help? Then a Majestic Voice calls out; “I am God and I will save you just let go and Trust Me I will not let you fall.” A moment of silence comes from the man hanging for dear life, then he cries out; “Is there anyone else up there?”

Where in your life do you feel you are hanging on for dear life? Are you trying to fix your life, marriage, health, job, relationship, finances or anything else that you are facing? Do you feel you are trying with all your strength and all your efforts but feel exhausted and unable to fix it? I have some good news for you – You can’t but with God you can!

In Zechariah 4:6-7 God’s Word says: “Not by your strength nor by your power, but by My Spirit,”

Even more to the point, it is said in the scripture of Isaiah that it is impossible to fix your life or anything else without turning it over to God and truly trusting in Him and His power to work all things together for the good in your life. God designed it this way so we would come to the realization that our best efforts are minor compared to His power within us.

Read Isaiah 30:15-26 and do what it says; “stop trying to fix your life and cry out for God’s help.” Then you will see what He has promised and preformed over and over since the beginning of time which is, that He is faithful and He will do what He has promised He would do!” (1 Thessalonians 5:24)

Thank you for joining me in today’s journey. Please allow these words to strengthen you and then pass them along to help someone else. For more inspiration and to continue the journey with me, click here.

Remember…Beauty Begins Within

– Jeffrey Paul 

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