• The One Product You Need This Summer


Summer is in full swing! That means beach, pool, and ocean visits. But what is all that sun, chlorine, and saltwater doing to your hair? In a word – Damage!

Everyone is always looking for that one product that can be used to make hair look and feel great. Does it really exist? The product that decreases static or frizzy hair. The product that can give more shine or enhance the color of the hair. The product that reduces or eliminates the nuisance of tangles in the hair. The product that does not weigh hair down but rather leaves hair feeling soft with great body. The product that helps to repair damaged feeling hair. If we could find that one product that does it all, that would be the product that would change our hair for good. Ultimately, you are looking for “liquid gold.”

Does Liquid Gold Exist?

That product – Liquid Gold – exists! The one product that, when used properly, will do all the things you have always wanted, including:

  • Decrease static and fizziness in hair
  • Reduce or eliminate the nuisance of tangles in the hair
  • Enhance shine and color of hair
  • Give hair body and soft feeling without adding weight to it
  • Repair damaged feeling hair

So what is that one product? Protein Treatment.

Do I Really Need Protein?

Protein is so important for your hair for so many reasons. The biggest being that protein is the foundation of the hair. If the foundation to the hair is not strong, it does not allow for all other products to work to their fullest extent, and the hair does not function optimally.

Is My Hair Damaged?

9 out of every 10 people have some form of damaged hair, and thus all of those 9 people desperately need protein in their hair to prevent long-term problems. Hair can be damaged from sources such as heat (styling tools), color, or chemical treatments.

And summertime increases the potential for damaged hair from increased environmental factors such as ultraviolet light from sitting out in the sun, salt from the ocean, or chlorine at your favorite pool.

This is why replacing protein in your hair is important to repairing damage and creating the best-looking hair and style.

My Hair Product Has Protein In it

The problem is that not all protein molecules are created equally. In addition, the size of the molecule is important in factoring in how the protein molecule can penetrate to the core of their and rebuild the hair structure. There are three main types of protein molecules found in protein treatment type products:

  • Wheat – This is the biggest of the molecules and thus is too big to penetrate to the core of the hair, thus not allowing or rebuilding the structure.
  • Human Hair Keratin – This protein molecule is too small, which means it would take 10-15 minutes to bond and rebuild the core of the hair structure
  • Silk Amino Acids – For a treatment product, this size ingredient is the Best! It takes only 3 minutes to penetrate to the core of the hair and the hair’s cuticle. Thus you get the maximum repair in the least amount of time.

It is also important that when looking at the protein on the product, you observe where it is listed. If it is not listed as a second ingredient, it is not 12% protein. This is important because it creates the optimal percentage of protein to repair the hair.

As protein is used with water, it is diluted; thus, the lower the protein is listed in the ingredients, the less percentage, the more diluted the treatment becomes, and the fewer reparative features it offers.

Where Can I Find The Right Protein Treatment?

Our Protein Treatment is specifically designed to act like liquid gold for your hair. In just 3 minutes per day, the Protein Treatment will begin repairing hair, creating a strong foundation for hair, and leaving you with better looking (and styling) hair!

Here are the 5 easy steps to using the Protein Treatment:

  1. After cleansing hair with a mild shampoo, rinse hair thoroughly.
  2. Apply a few pumps of Protein Treatment Foam from mid-shaft of hair to ends. Again, be sure to work the product into the hair in one direction (from mids to ends).
  3. Apply a moisturizing conditioner over top of Protein Treatment from mid-shaft of hair to ends.
  4. Leave in for 3 minutes (Do everything else you do in the shower)
  5. Rinse out thoroughly

Enjoy the benefits of great-looking hair!

If you are interested in finding out more about the health of your hair and scalp, consider scheduling a ScalpCheck.