• Nutrition Tips – A menu for healthy hair


You most likely have heard the saying, “you are what you eat,” and this is especially true when you are talking about the two most seen parts of your body: your hair and your skin.

My saying, “Beauty begins within,” applies to this from a nutritional level for the shine, growth and manageability of your hair – as well as the aging of both your hair and skin.

Hair is made up of primarily protein. Foods rich in protein give hair strength and prevent breaking and splitting. Fish, meat, milk, cheese and cereals are all examples of protein rich food.

But knowing this does not really help you until you know how to add them into your menu of everyday eating.

This is why I have sought out some of the best experts in the area of nutrition, health, and wellness and challenged them to compile the best recipes for healthy hair and skin for my newly published book Women’s Hair Solutions to Thinning and Lossavailable on Amazon.

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Additionally, on this blog, I will be periodically sharing with you Nutrition Tips: recipes and healthy eating practices to help you stay healthy, feel energized, and enjoy life. Stay tuned!