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160707_JeffreyPaul_5703Here’s how Jeffrey Paul Hair Restoration Center, helped one client address the true cause of her hair loss and get her back on the road toward healthy, beautiful hair.

The perpetual itching on her scalp was bad enough. But when Roxie started to pull menacing steel wool-sized clumps of hair out of her brush and bathtub, she made a desperate plea for help to Emmanuel Paul, a certified trichologist at the Jeffrey Paul Hair Restoration Center, in Fairview Park. As a trichologist, Emmanuel specializes in treating itchy scalps, dandruff, excessive oily scalps and hair loss.

“A few months ago, I had gone through a stressful event that coincided with a loss of hair,” recalls Roxie, a 50-something professional. “Once I got through that period, my hair loss stopped, but more recently, I had another stressful family situation and my hair started to fall out worse than ever and my scalp became unbearably itchy. This time I was really afraid, so I scheduled a hair and ScalpCheck™ to see if I could do anything about it.”

Stress, Emmanuel confirms, actually can cause men and women to lose their hair. “When a person is going through a lot of emotional stress, their body releases testosterone, and a derivative called DHT (dihydrotestosterone) is produced,” he explains. “DHT causes hair follicles to shrink and is one of the main causes of excessive hair loss and a major cause of excessive oiliness. We may not be able to control a client’s stress, but fortunately we can treat the resulting scalp and hair problems and/or create the most optimal environment for hair to grow. This way hair is not competing against two factors: internal (stress, hormones, medication and genetic predisposition) and the external components of the scalp. Had we treated Roxie during her first episode of hair loss, we probably could have prev160707_JeffreyPaul_5705prevented or slowed it from happening the next time she went through a stressful time in her life.”

“Many times clients come in to correct a problem once it arises, such as scalp itch, dandruff, oily scalp or hair loss. We can help correct these issues, certainly, but if the health of your hair is important in the long run, it’s better to have an evaluation done before a concern starts,” he says.

Roxie’s ScalpCheck™ revealed a high level of oil on her hair and scalp. She was surprised. “I always associated an itchy scalp with dryness and dandruff,” she reveals. Most people do, Emmanuel notes.

“There are actually two kinds of dandruff,” he says. “Both are the result of bacteria on the scalp. The first, dry dandruff, is more familiar to people because of the noticeable flaking that drops onto your clothes. Oily dandruff is where there is an excessive production of oil and the oil then coats around the dry dandruff holding the flakes in the hair or onto the scalp, so it isn’t really noticeable.”

During Roxie’s ScalpCheck™, Emmanuel performs a series of tests to determine the pH, oil level and hydration levels of her hair. Tests also are done to check the elasticity of her hair and scalp and then the scalp and hair are viewed under four different lenses in order for Emmanuel, and the client, to see exactly what is going on with the scalp and hair. The results help Emmanuel to formulate a personal plan that includes both in-center and home treatments.

One of the components of the treatment is a specialized vitamin patch. The circular transparent patch is worn for 12 hours on the back of the neck.

“It has a mixture of vitamins that stimulate the growth of hair and antioxidants that fight free radicals that cause infection on the scalp,” Emmanuel explains. “The result is less oil and less DHT.”

Roxie’s lost hair follicles may or may not come back to life, but the treatments will stop or reduce further hair loss, Emmanuel says. They also will eliminate her itching.

“Our goal for each client is to create the best environment to grow the healthiest hair possible,” Emmanuel emphasizes. “You can’t have flawless, beautiful-looking hair without a healthy scalp underneath. It’s like trying to grow plants in bad soil.”

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Article originally written by Ken McEntee for Mimi Magazine publication July 2016