• Silkening Oil Foam

Every woman, wants one thing, silky, shiny beautiful hair, however when you have thin or fine hair finding the right product that doesn’t weigh down your hair is not so easy… until now. My go to styling product line is Aquage. Not only because the products have very high quality ingredients, but also because they are water-soluble which means that there is less build up in hair when using them. Aquage has, Silkening Oil Treatment, which adds shine and silkiness to hair along with decreasing drying time by 40% and acting as thermal guard to protect against heat damage. This is a great product for women with thicker hair, but at times can be a bit too heavy for the woman with thin or fine hair.

I am excited to introduce, the Aquage Silkening Oil Foam. This lightweight, airy foam easily spreads throughout wet hair for effortless styling. Even with its rich texture, Silkening Oil Foam becomes virtually weightless when applied to the hair to give styles natural bounce and movement.

The Silkening Oil Foam is an alternative for the guest who does not want the added weight of the original Silkening Oil Treatment, and is looking to add volume to their hair. Here are three benefits to using this great new product.

  1. Guards against heat damage and color loss
  2. Seals the cuticle for added smoothness and shine
  3. Gives body and movement with touchable control

Check out the video above to learn more about the great benefits of the new Silkening Oil Foam. Below you will also find some great details on why, when and how to use the product:

Why you should use it

  • Lightweight foam spreads easily throughout hair for effortless, tug-free blow styling
  • Seals the cuticle for added smoothness and shine
  • Replenishes hair with weightless moisture and luxurious conditioning
  • Provides touchable control to maintain natural bounce and movement

When to use it?

  • Apply on wet hair before blow styling or defining naturally curly hair.

How much to use?

  • Apply generously, making sure to thoroughly saturate from roots to ends. Reapply as needed based on hair length and density.

How to use it?

  • Apply to damp hair and comb through for even distribution.

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