• What is Beauty?


“Beauty is how you feel inside, and it reflects in your eyes.  It is not something physical.” – Sophia Loren

The true secret to beauty is found in this quote; the secret being that beauty begins within and I continue to share this message with women of all ages and from every walk of life. The reason beauty begins within is because the mirror inside of you is what reflects back to your mind in the thoughts you think of yourself.  These thoughts reflect from your eyes, word, and confidence (or lack of) for the world to see you which is how you see yourself.

That mirror for so many has cracks and breaks in it due to life’s experiences and your perceptions of those experiences. As you reflect everyday into the mirror, words are spoken from within you to you like; “I am over weight”,  “I never get a break”,  “I am getting old”,  “My hair is a mop”, “No one loves me”, and many other words of ugly self-talk that you may or may not be aware that you are speaking to yourself.  These words can then become your thinking that reflects in your life and your beauty.

So what is the Beauty Treatment for this? 

Begin to speak words of life and beauty to yourself in a faithful attitude no matter what you see or at the moment is fact.  Speak them within yourself as self-talk; begin to bring those words out of your mouth every chance you get even if you have to do it in the car on your way to work, shopping, etc.

Write those words on cards and post them everywhere; the mirror in you bathroom, your computer screen saver, your refrigerator.  Wash yourself inside and out with this amazing beauty treatment.  In a short time your beauty will begin to reflect from within and will physically begin to take on a change beyond anything you can do outwardly. If you can’t think of any words of beauty about yourself,  go to the book of the Songs of Solomon in the Old Testament and take words the Lover speaks to his Beloved and write them about you in first person – “I am precious and wonderfully made.”

To learn more about the mirrors within you and how God has given you the ability no matter what has happened in your life to renew your mind and heart and let you live life beautifully and happily, watch Max Lucado’s little book, You Are Special.

Let me know in your comments below how this message speaks to you.  If you try this Beauty Treatment, let me know how it has affected your life inside and out.  I look forward to your responses.

Remember…Beauty Begins Within

– Jeffrey Paul 

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