• Styling Tools to Create Your Holiday Hairstyle

Flat Iron

Having great hair for the holidays may mean styling with hot tools. But there are common mistakes we make when it comes to using curling irons and flat irons. I want you to look fabulous this holiday season, so here are three things to consider before prepping your look.

1.     Time – First, time management is a big deal. We all have places to be during this busy season, and the correct styling tools will help style your hair in less time. Tools get old. If you have had the same hot iron for years, it is time to replace it. Styling tools wear down over time, which causes them to not work as well and lead to unsatisfying results.

2.     Temperature – This is a big one… Not knowing the exact temperature of your tool can ultimately cause problems for you and your hair. Too much heat causes the hair to be damaged and ultimately could burn your hair causing long-term damage. If it’s not hot enough, the style will not hold. It is important to find a tool that has a temperature monitor on it.

3.     Technique – If you do not know the correct way to use a tool it can cause your hair to be damaged or the results of the style not to be to your liking. Here are a two tips to help:

GHD IronAlways use a heat protector product like Aquage Thermal Spray or Beyond Shine, which will not only protects the hair but gives a slight hold and shine to the hair.

Only flat iron freshly shampooed dry hair. If your hair is dirty, the oils will adhere to the iron causing it to burn as it straightens.

If you’re in pursuit of the right styling tool for your hair, I recommend GHD’s products.

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