Focus on the Outcome

Base your actions not on what just happened, but on what you would like to now make happen. You can’t change what already is, but you most certainly have influence over what will be.

Choose your actions and responses based on the outcomes you desire, not on the history you’ve experienced. Sure, it’s great to let the past inform you, but not good at all to let it control you.

Instead of trying to win an argument or prove a point or assign blame, put your energy into creating new value. Instead of being drawn into a useless negative reaction, choose a useful, helpful and positive outcome.

You don’t have to react to rudeness with more rudeness and you don’t have to react to injustice with more injustice. Decide to put an end to the negativity by focusing on a highly desirable outcome.

You may not have been the person in the wrong, yet you can be the person to make it right. So make the most of that extraordinary opportunity.

Look ahead, and choose the very best outcome for everyone involved. Then positively, politely, and enthusiastically put your efforts into making that outcome happen.

– Ralph Marston