Can You Hear Me Now?

Communications is the key to a healthy self, life, career, organization and family – as well as every relationship you encounter. Not only have I made it my personal goal, but I have also set the goal for Jeffrey Paul Salon, as a whole, to make it our highest priority and focus for 2014 to become even more “healthy. I would like to introduce you to  Carolyn Santos, a nationally known communication coach, who is going to not only be a coach to me and my team but also may be a great coach for you as well!


I started noticing my hair getting thinner in the past 8 years.  First, it started as just a few hair strands a days, then, more hair began to appear in the shower drain, until one day I realized: “I have a real problem here!” My biggest questions were, “WHY is this happening to me?”, and “WHAT can I do about it?”  That’s the way communication issues start.  It is one little thing here, one misunderstanding there.  One offense caused because someone simply does not understand when they do or say “THAT”, it hurts or offends me.  Or, if you are like me, you have conflicting thoughts or ‘voices’ inside that make you feel that you must need to see a professional!  Well, yes, we do!  But, not that kind of professional! We need a Communication Coach.  Someone who can share very simple information that once you know it, it changes everything and starts preventing LOSS in relationships!

So what’s the solution?