Will Hereditary Hair Loss Affect You?


Hair loss or thinning caused by genetics is referred to as androgenetic alopecia, or, more commonly, hereditary hair loss.

Unfortunately, medical science has yet to discover a cure for hereditary hair loss. Thanks to advancements in science and medical research, however, we have a better understanding of how heredity affects hair thinning and hair loss and what we can do to prevent its onset.

Watch Cindy’s Solution to – Hereditary Hair Loss

Take a look at this video of Cindy and find out why she says, “I finally feel good about myself and how I look. That makes me happy. I want to share that.”

Cindy was a former hospital employee and always in the public eye, and like most of us, her hair had always been a big part of her appearance. As Cindy began to lose her hair, she was able to determine that her hair loss was not only hereditary, but was also being caused by a medication she was required to take after surgery. Cindy told me that her hair loss started slowly, but as any of us who have experienced loss know, a little is enough to throw us into that private panic, and search for a solution. Cindy came to me at my salon, and we were able to walk her through her thinning and loss, and find a solution that met her needs and made her feel good!

For more information on Cindy’s story, read here.

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