Vicki Found the Solution for Early Stage Hair Loss

Vicki Solution to Hair Loss

“My experience with this whole process has been amazing! I can’t tell you how much my self esteem is up and how happy this has made me. It just means so much!” –Vicki

Vicki, a very good friend of mine, was at a crossroads. The 55 year old dental assistant had tried finding solutions to her hair thinning and loss – including wigs. But nothing seemed to give her the natural look she wanted. She made a choice to get a professional assessment of her hair thinning and loss and to find solutions that would work for her.



At my Salon, the first step, for Vicki, was to meet with one of my  consultants who evaluated her hair as well as her thinning and loss. We use two categories when defining the level of hair loss. First is diffusion, which indicates the percentage of thinning. Next is the pattern, which includes the extent of the thinning area.