Stylist or TEAM-Based Salon?

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Have you ever thought about the idea of a “team” when looking for a salon or stylist? Whether it is for beauty services or hair loss services, most women today find one stylist and become so comfortable with that stylist that you may not even realize what you may be missing out on from a salon with a team-based culture.

A salon with a team-based culture is made up of individuals who work together with one goal in mind- YOU! Communication is key to a team-based culture. That team makes notes after each appointment about changes to your color formulas or cut, your specific likes or dislikes. This is important so that at any given time any member of the styling team could do your services and you still have the confidence that they will deliver with the same excellence as your preferred stylist.

Here are four benefits that a salon with a team-based culture could add to your experience: